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RE: License (Business)

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The architect may operate as part of a team, but the architect is typically
the team leader and historically the team leader. They may not make the
engineering decisions, but their decisions influence the structure.

Thus architects determine whether get the Sydney Opera House, or the
Adelaide Festival theatre, or the Adelaide Entertainment centre. If a dull
structural engineer involved then the Sydney Opera House would have been
simplified to being like the Adelaide Entertainment centre: a big box. And
architects do seem to have a hard time finding structural engineers who will
go beyond the big box. If sticking with the box, and to historical
conventions, and the tried and tested, then what need of the engineer?

The lesser architect will be bullied by the structural engineer into
accepting the dull box, the great architect will not budge and will find a
better structural engineer (real).

Since architects are not all alike and structural engineers are not all
alike, it makes sense that sometimes they need to be paired up and sometimes
they have no need of each other. Some times neither is required and have
owner-designer-builders doing it all for themselves.

There is no one single project organisation structure, that suits all
projects, all the time, and in all places. The resources available to a
project have to be managed properly: calling in the higher level skills when

Conrad Harrison
B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust
South Australia


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