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Last time I checked, those were still English words, even if it may have been derived from Latin, contrary to your claim otherwise.  Heck, many of the words in the English language derive from other languages.  That was what I was referring to when I commented about the smartass remark.

And I never claimed that your comment was political, but that you were so stuck in the mode of dealing with non-structural issues that you forgot to go back to a civilized, non-attack mode/condescending response.  Personally, I do not bother with the political crap any more that pops up on this list as this is a structural engineering list (at least last time I checked), not a political debate list.  Instead, I just bite my tongue while the stupid political crap fills my inbox.


Adrian, MI

On 8/11/09 2:26 PM, "Bill Polhemus" <bill(--nospam--at)> wrote:

Scott Maxwell wrote:
Re: WALL PIER, PILASTER OR COLUMN Please forgive Bill.  He has gotten so used to talking politics on a structural engineering email list...
And you forgot the part about how I attack everyone personally, too.

Oh, wait a minute, that's not me that does that...

BTW, you might want to look in the mirror. My comment wasn't "political," it was factual. There are many, many, many architectural terms that are arcane at the least, and most of them derive from the Latin, such as "fenestration" or "reglet." There are also many that are cognates of words in common usage, such as "groin." Thus it isn't unusual to have someone be confused at some of the terms.

However, since you're "stuck on politics" yourself, you jump to the conclusion that my innocent comment was itself political. That says much more about you than me.
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