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Re: A53 pipe substitution for HSS pipe brace

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We ended up using a pair of HSS4x4x1/4 for the upper braces.  Both levels are at flexible diaphragms, so I avoided having to do another rigid diaphragm analysis.  The gusset plate is a little over-designed, otherwise it works.

Mark Johnson wrote:

This probably isn’t a simple problem.  Is this a SCBF?  If so, strengthening the brace will mean recalculating many of the other members (columns, beams and braces).  The same may be true of other lateral force resisting systems.


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Subject: RE: A53 pipe substitution for HSS pipe brace
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I don’t
know what members are doing what and what the symmetry
problem is, but is it
possible in your case to calculate what stresses the
eccentricity(?) introduce
to the members and sum those with the intended


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From: Drew

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August 10, 2009 9:47


Subject: A53
pipe substitution for
HSS pipe brace


I have a case
a HSS5.00x0.250 round brace was cut 12" too
short.  The
contractor/fabricator cannot apparently find another piece
that is easily
available.  The piece is only about 14 feet long and
is part of a 2-story
X braced bay.  They have asked whether they can use a
piece of 5" STD
A53 pipe instead.  For the HSS, RyFyAg = 205.2
k.  For the A53,
RyFyAg = 292.3k.  I can increase the throat of weld of
the brace to the
gusset plate, but I'll end up with a non-symmetrical
brace configuration. 
Any comments or suggestions? 


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