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Re: OT: I Think I Am Going To Be Sick !!

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Stan Caldwell wrote:

We are seeking facilitators with the following skills and experience:
-- Strong experience working in multi-cultural situations;

Definitely me. I often shop at Fiesta.

-- Excellent skills and background working with children with young people;

Not only am I good at working with them, but I have experience both as a child AND as a young person. So I can definitely relate.

-- Strong background in climate change; facilitating climate change
youth workshops preferred;

I live in Texas where, it is said, if you don't like the "climate" right this moment, just wait. It will CHANGE in just a little while. Now, I have not actually facilitated any climate change workshops, but I'm sure that I could be counted upon to help a group of yout's to create sufficient CO2 as a demonstration. So I would put a "check mark" on this item as well.

-- Ideally trained in minimum standards for child participation

As a child, I was often MADE to participate in various activities, including washing dishes, making my bed, vacuuming, and feeding and walking the dogs. I have taken that talent into my adult years, and have often made my own children and grandchildren to participate in similar activities. I know that MAKING someone participate in community activities is looked upon with great favor in those countries that think the U.N. is there to "help" them, and I can certainly do my part.

-- Available 18 to 24 September and 25 November to 6 December, travel

I'm not doing anything else right now, as it happens. Or then.

and in-country costs covered for the November/December portion in

I hope it won't be a problem if I don't speak fluent Copenish.

Thank you for this opportunity. Oh, and should there be any further question about my suitability for this position...

...Yea! Obama! ¡Sí, se puede! Long Live the PLO! Death to Israel! Um,... oh yeah: ¡Viva Che!

I hope that establishes my U.N.ish bona fides.
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