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You have the same problem I have. I believe it was Mark Twain who wrote,
"I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one
instead." It's hard to condense complex thoughts to concise text. Dennis
is one of us, too. :-)
Count me in too.
I am one of the few who actually reads all these long winded posts with patience.
We, the guilty, gotta stick together.
While in this list I am content to be a quiet lurker, in another list, I am known as Verbose Vish.
Yes, words are free.
So we don't ration them.
I am generous with them.
In the print media, editors use scissors.
There is no space problem in cyber space and no one to reign in the long-winded ramblers like us.
Often I feel guilty.
Am I not imposing these long posts on others?
Am I not guilty of taking their valuable time?
But then I console myself with the thought that they have the option not to read my posts or give up reading halfway and I wouldn't know at all. They need not feel delicate stopping halfway. They are free to yawn as they try to read me.  When one talks too much, you can see the boredom on the faces of the listeners. Not so when one writes too much. So we get away with it.
Random thoughts.
Daryl: I loved the Lo, Norm, Hi and Max joke.