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RE: wind pressures

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Title: wind pressures
I have worked in Wyoming, I have a photo I took looking towards Alta from the top of the Grand Teton, and if you call it a "very windy site" it probably is what we lowlanders would call a hurricane..  That factor may not be too far off.
Richard Hess
Los Alamitos, CA
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Subject: wind pressures


Im working on a house just below the crest of a very big ridge (2D)...a very windy site in a not unusually windy location.  Accounting for topographic effects, I get Kzt = 2.83, almost tripling my wind pressures.  End zone wall pressure for MWFRS is 38psf!  Just for comparison, what kind of pressures do those of you in hurricane country deal with?


Gordon Goodell

Alta, WY