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RE: being the prime/ Stan

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Are egos involved here?
I remember a 30 year old incident.

A structural engineer friend of mine was self employed.
He was allergic to architects but tolerated them sometimes when he just had to.
A multistoryed Concrete framed strcutured was to come up.
This architect had submitted his bid but had not got the job yet.
But he took the liberty of inviting my structural engineer friend to submit his price to him for providing structural engineering services to the architect.
The engineer wrote back inviting the architect to submit his price for providing architectural services.
Neither got this job!
But each got an opportunity for massaging their respective egos.
Needless to say neither  worked together ever again.
The prime contractor who finally got the job on a turnkey basis entertained his professional contacts with this story and expressed amusement at the fact that persons with just a 3 percent to 5 percent stake were acting so big.
He hired an architect and an engineer to partner him in this turnkey contract and controlled both of them.