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Re: Concrete Cover Over WF Beam

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William Haynes wrote:
I have a case that is very similar to the following detail. I am only going to have 3/8" of concrete cover over the top of the WF beam.

Does any preparation to the beam typically done (sandblasting, applying epoxy) in order to insure the bond of the concrete to the top flange of the beam? This cover is not structural, is there a minimum cover recommended?

Will Haynes
Remember that "cover" is specifically for protection of steel reinforcement against the elements. Unless you are going to add shear transfer studs (e.g.) to the top of the beam, you cannot expect a predictable amount of "bond" between the concrete and the steel so it doesn't matter if you "prepare" the surface or not. I'm not aware of anything other than studs, angles, etc., welded to the top flange of the beam that would provide a predictable shear transfer.

So the short answer is "whatever is practical." Make sure you don't have a situation where cracks due to incompatible displacements result; otherwise, I don't know that there are any rules about cover.

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