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re: wyoming, topo effects

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 A total MWFRS (sum of the positive and negative pressures)of 38 psf could equate to anywhere from V= 130-150 mph for normal exposure and no other amplification factors per the Florida Building Code (which I believe is just a mutation of the IBC). But that is for END ZONES. Interior zones max out at V=150mph, roof angle=20 degrees, transverse loading, Plat=32.9psf.


I would say your wind pressures seem high, but I don’t do many topo calcs in Florida (very flat and low), and I don’t remember what your basic wind speed was.


FBC is free online, Chapter 16 is where the simplified pressure tables can be found. I am sure IBC has similar.



I was fortunate enough to go to Jackson Hole this last winter for snowboarding. That has to be one of the most beautiful surroundings for an airport anywhere in the world. Very beautiful part of the country with some very nice snow also.




Andrew Kester, PE

Orlando, FL