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RE: Concrete Reinf Diagram

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A plan detail is not typical, but if it will add clarity, add the detail.  A column joint gets very cluttered very quickly especially with the intersection that you are describing.  I would avoid making Z bars if at all possible.  If you can not avoid them, lay them out to scale with the bend radii that the bars will require.  You will see that it is even more cluttered than you think.  If it is cluttered and can be screwed up, it will be screwed up.  Provide the details and seek as clean of a solution as possible. 
I have 3D AutoCAD models to scale created of cluttered connections so that the engineers can see what they are creating.  A 2D model can not properly show the multiple layers of rebar and the complexity of a connection. 
I would then advise that you physically observe what you have created in the field.  And do not forget the standard tolerance that is contained in ACI 117. 
Often times, we detail a Swiss watch and ask a guy with a sledge hammer to build it.  Rod busters are good, but they have their limitations. 

Regards, Harold Sprague (Reformed rod buster)

> Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 08:20:02 -0500
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> Subject: Concrete Reinf Diagram
> Is it prudent to provide a typical detail that shows a plan view of
> reinforcing of a 4 beam and column intersection? The situation that I
> am looking at is where a wide beam frames into the column with a
> narrower beam on the other side (and 2 other beams frame perp into
> that). The bars in the wider beam will have to bend into a "Z" in
> order to be continuous through the column and become developed into
> the adjacent narrower beam.
> While it may not be necessary ( and it may depend on the quality of
> the contractor/detailer on the project ), would it be considered
> over-kill to provide guidance on this or would it be considered a
> better quality product?
> - Jeremy
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