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RE: Mac conversion from PC

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Stick with PC.  Office products are fine, and autoCAD is available for mac, but you will likely run into issues with add-ons, FEM & calc softwares, etc...  Besides that, since macs use standard PC components now all you’re really paying for is the “look”

If you really want the mac desktop, just buy the mac desktop for a few $$$ and install on a PC computer – all in all you’ll save a significant amount of money this way.


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Subject: Mac conversion from PC


I am thinking about getting a Mac for the next computer purchase.  For family home use – no problem.  But as for my business, I’ve been programming using PC with “Dilbert”software since PC Jr.  Is the transition possible for all my spreadsheets, word processing, CAD, etc.?  What about interfacing with other companies?  Am I asking for problems or should I continue another 30 years until I retire at 85 with PC..  That greeter job at Walmart looks pretty good.


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