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Re: computer stuff

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After reading this, I got an uncontrollable urge to go to the basement to visit that little fridge in the back corner.

Andrew Kester wrote:

Man, there are a lot of computer nerds on this list! Who knew this would spur more debates and posts then one of Bill’s no-spin-zone posts… I feel like punching some of you in the arm and throwing your backpack in the garbage.


What we all need is whatever awesome computer they have on CSI Miami. That thing is unbelievable. They have access to every database in the world. They have 3-D models of every building in Miami-Dade county. And with 5 seconds of key strokes they can get any view, animate it, and add people falling off buildings and getting shot. Take that BIM! (Maybe it is my lack of maturity but every time I read ”BIM” I think about going to the bathroom.) That office is pretty sweet too, all glass and super modern, like every police station of course. Wish structural offices were like that, and with the girls walking around that are on CSI Miami, oh wait, wouldn’t get any work done…. Calli, do you have that Xref background done yet that the architect sent over last week? (While I am staring out the window with my sunglasses on, in a gravely voice.)


Hope that was completely unhelpful. Happy Friday, is it beer thirty somewhere? Make mine a Paulener Hefeweizen in a tall pilsner glass. Followed by a domestic from my homestate, Leinenkugels Sunset Wheat, or as I call it, the nectar of the Chippewa Falls Gods.


Andrew Kester, PE

Orlando, FL

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