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Re: Metal Building Manufacturer Accreditation/Certification

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My interpretation from the information on MBMA's website:

This year, 2009, is a transition period for the change from AISC-MB to IAS
AC472 quality certification programs.

Any company certified to AISC-MB in 2008 (up to Dec 31/2008) may still be
certified. Where the 12 month AISC certification has lapsed, the company may
be newly certified to IAS AC472. So, you should permit either certification.

Based on the limited list on IAS' website, AND the 5 AISC-MB certified
companies listed on AISC's website, it appears that here are some hiccups in
the ideal transition.

Except where such manufacturer certification is mandatory, it is not
necessary to require either program. However, one might be curious about any
company, formerly certified, which did not follow through with the new

Also, companies such as Bluescope which have consolidated ownership of
several manufacturers (E.g. Butler, Varco Pruden, HCI) now manufacture for
all of their subsidiaries in most of the plants rather than in unique
company plants. This could get messy.

MBMA will require certification as a prerequisite for membership by end of


> From: "Dickey, David" <David.Dickey(--nospam--at)>

> What is the most appropriate way to require an accredited/certified
> metal building manufacturer in project specifications?
> The AISC-MB certification has been phased out and is transitioning to
> IAS AC472 (International Accreditation Service).  There appear to be
> only 6 metal building manufacturers with IAS accreditation so far.  If I
> were to require IAS in my spec, many MBM's would be unnecessarily
> disqualified.  Many more MBM's have AISC-MB certification, but is this
> program dead?  Is specifying AISC-MB still applicable?
> Should I specify IAS, MB, both, or neither?
> Thanks,
> David Dickey, PE

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