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Re: Cold Formed Steel

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A couple questions ...
1) who is the girt manufacturer and is it part of a "system" assembly;
2) is the channel meant to have curved surfaces or is it damaged;
3) have they actually shipped the correct materials;
4) does the supplier/manufacturer claim that the materials are correct and
within tolerance?

Sometimes curved surfaces are used to resolve all possible tangential angles
in the assembly: field variances, sloping interfaces, etc. It is also
possible that they weren't loaded on the truck properly or stored at site
properly and got squashed.

I believe that you are describing a 3" deep girt which is very light. This
must be very small spans or spacing.

There are tolerances for square formed channels (e.g. 90 deg corners) in
S136 and A660 that could be extrapolated to your case. I will send a copy of
the tolerances - contact me directly if you need it sooner than Monday

Paul Ransom, P.Eng.
ph 905 639-9628
fax 905 639-3866

> From: "Gary L. Hodgson and Assoc." <design(--nospam--at)>

> List,
> I have a job where cold-formed steel girts were used.  The girts are a
> channel shape 3"x3" x0.074. The web and flanges are curved rather than
> flat, approximately 5/16" out of flat from one corner to the other.  My
> customer is claiming that the wall cladding cannot be properly installed
> and I agree with him.  I checked the North American Specification for
> Cold Rolled Steel 2001 but it does not contain any information on
> tolerances.  Does anybody out there have any information on acceptable
> tolerances?  TIA
> Gary

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