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Codes referenced by 2009 IBC

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I'm a little light on work right now, so I'm trying to update a spreadsheet my company uses to give the structural design criteria for a project.  I want to incorporate the 2009 IBC as one of the code choices.  This has relavence to other design codes that are referenced by the 2009 IBC.  I don't currently have a copy of the 2009 IBC and I'm having trouble figuring out which design codes are referenced.  For example, is ASCE coming out with a ASCE 7-08, or will ASCE 7-05 still be the reference for design loads?  I know that ACI has published 318-08, but what about ACI 350 and 350.3?  Will the reference be ACI 350-09 and 350.3-09, or are the current 350-06 and 350.3-06 still valid?  For masonry, will there be a ACI 530-08 or is 530-05 to remain the referenced document?
--Kipp Martin
  Carollo Engineers
  Portland, Oregon