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Re: Codes referenced by 2009 IBC

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Title: Re: Codes referenced by 2009 IBC
Yeah, but you asked about the IBC.  <grin>

If I put back on my “serious hat”, yes, ASCE 7-05 does reference ACI 350.3-01 for seismic design of “environmental structures”.  But that is because ASCE 7 kind of crosses the line a little from just being a load standard when you talk about seismic design.  This is because seismic design of materials is directly linked to the loads imposed upon them due to the non-ductile response and detailing requirements to get that non-ductile response.

IBC does not touch ACI 350 (to my knowledge...I will double check my 2006 IBC if I remember) as it is a “building code” and most “environmental structures” are considered “other structures”, not “buildings”.

I should note that there are other AISC specs that will get referenced by IBC other than the ASD/LRFD “joint” spec.  But, I have not kept as up to speed on the steel standards.  Presumably, any available steel standard that is dated 2008 or earlier will likely be referenced by the 2009 IBC.  Generally speaking, for the IBC to reference it, the referenced standard needs to be published 1 year before the “publishing” date of the IBC.  Thus, the 2008 ACI 318 referenced in the 2009 IBC...and the same will be true with the 2011 ACI 318 and the 2012 IBC...unless they dramatically change things.

FWIW, ASCE 7-10 is kind of in the final stages of balloting.  It will likely be out for public comment end of this year or early next year.


Adrian, MI

On 9/14/09 2:20 PM, "Kipp Martin" <KMartin(--nospam--at)> wrote:

Thank you, Scott.  That information is exactly what I needed.  The IBC may not reference ACI 350, but ASCE 7 does reference ACI 350.3, and for water and wastewater, the industry standard is to use ACI 350.

--Kipp Martin
  Carollo Engineers
  Portland, Oregon

From: Scott Maxwell [smaxwell(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Monday, September 14, 2009 10:24 AM
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Subject: Re: Codes referenced by 2009 IBC

For ASCE 7, the latest is ASCE 7-05.  The next edition will be ASCE 7-10.

Both ACI 318 and ACI 530 (aka the MSJC) have 2008 editions that will be referenced by the 2009 IBC.

For the NDS, it will be the 2005 NDS.  Work has just started on the next version, which I believe (if I recall correctly) will 2011.

For AISC, it would be the 2005 AISC "joint" specification if memory serves.

To my knowledge, the IBC does not reference any of the ACI 350 documents...but I could be wrong.


Adrian, MI

On Sep 14, 2009, at 1:00 PM, Kipp Martin <KMartin(--nospam--at)> wrote:


I'm a little light on work right now, so I'm trying to update a spreadsheet my company uses to give the structural design criteria for a project.  I want to incorporate the 2009 IBC as one of the code choices.  This has relavence to other design codes that are referenced by the 2009 IBC.  I don't currently have a copy of the 2009 IBC and I'm having trouble figuring out which design codes are referenced.  For example, is ASCE coming out with a ASCE 7-08, or will ASCE 7-05 still be the reference for design loads?  I know that ACI has published 318-08, but what about ACI 350 and 350.3?  Will the reference be ACI 350-09 and 350.3-09, or are the current 350-06 and 350.3-06 still valid?  For masonry, will there be a ACI 530-08 or is 530-05 to remain the referenced document?

--Kipp Martin
  Carollo Engineers
  Portland, Oregon