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Re: Vibration pads mounted in horizontal orientation

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I'm not aware of any OTS system, but then I don't deal with them much these days. You might look into EPDM as your elastic element. Even so, -40 is getting close to the operational limit.

This sounds like a tough spec. Can you operate the pads in bearing by providing a bracket seat instead of the "normal" shear connection? Can you provide elastomeric treads instead of trying to isolate the stair connection? Can you provide a second, independent spandrel beam to the adjacent columns to transfer the footfall vibrations "around" the platform structure and directly to the columns/fdn?

Drew Morris wrote:
I have a project where we need to attach a stair to a structural steel frame supporting a module that contains sensative monitoring equipment.  The owner wants to minimize the vibrations coming from people walking up the stairs so we need to put some sort of elastomeric vibration pads between the stairs and the frame.  I need to orientate the pads so that they can support the gravity loads in shear, not in bearing as is typical for heavy machinery.  Also, this project is in the polar reagions, so I need the elastic material to be workable down to -40 degrees.

Anyone have some leads for these types of pads?.  I have found several manufacturers for the typical machinery pads, but they are loaded in compression not shear.

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