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RE: Vibration pads mounted in horizontal orientation

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How comfortable is the stair likely to be to use once the vibration mounts
have been installed? The stair needs to be stiff  enough in the first place
so that the user doesn't experience too much bounce, similar to a floor.

Also how often will the elastomeric vibration pads need to be replaced to
keep the stair operational? Machines tend to be serviced more often than
structures, and replacing parts more acceptable.

As Christopher suggested, isolating the module maybe better. After all the
sensitive monitoring equipment should be isolated from undesirable aspects
of its environment, not have the environment modified to suit the equipment.
Which tends to suggest designing a module which can be located anywhere, and
having the equipment inside isolated. May be a case of referring back to
those who made the module and/or equipment.

Also if measuring equipment. Then should be possible to identify noise, and
filter from the recorded data.

Otherwise google search (vibration mounts and linkages shear) found some
mounts for shear as follows:

(refer to Flexible Isolators Master Catalogue)

(search page for shear)

(download entire catalogue and search for shear. Also contains some design

Whilst the suppliers which came up seem to be Australian, the products at
least provide some idea of what is available and to look elsewhere for.
(couldn't find what I had in mind though, two plates linked edge to edge by
the polymer.)

Christopher's idea to get a specialist also seems sensible if it is a
critical issue.

Conrad Harrison
B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust
South Australia

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