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Re: Steel straps on wood shear walls

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Hmm. Interesting document. Where does it stand re: current code cycle? At first glance it doesn't allow sheathing to resist seismic uplift though. Thanks for the heads up Buddy.

AWC Info wrote:

Alternatively, you can now design the sheathing to resist combined uplift and shear per section 4.4 of the 2008 Wind/Seismic Standard:



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Subject: Steel straps on wood shear walls

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Is there a definitive reference stating that steel=A0straps are okay=A0to b=

e placed over wall sheathing and not directly to the studs before the sheat=

hing is installed?=A0 I've googled it, I've called Simpson and I've tried t=

o look to the APA but I can only find indirect statements about it.=0A=0ASi=

mpson does mention that different nail sizes can be used for the different =

installation methods.=A0 That=A0isn't generic enough for the condition.=0A=

=0AThanks,=0AJim Wilson, PE=0AStroudsburg, PA

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