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Re: Structural 'Best Practices'

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Rich Lewis wrote:

Since the economy has done a downturn we have begun looking into government contracts, like so many other design firms.  It seems they are the only ones building anything of significance right now and EVERYBODY is trying to get work from a government agency.


I guess I’ve been asleep at the wheel and something has past me by.  I look at the RFP and there is an item that has puzzled me.  There is a common phrase in the judging criteria of “The respondent’s knowledge of best practices”.  I assume this is a QA/QC item, but I’m not totally sure.  I’ve done Google searches and haven’t found much on the subject.  Bentley has a high Google listing, but seems to be just a sales pitch for their integrated software.  I know civil has a ‘best practices’ for storm water runoff.  I found a helpful article at Modern Steel magazine.  I also looked over ACEC CASE and see there are some resources there, but I didn’t find anything specifically labeled ‘best practices” for structural engineers.   I’m wondering two things;

1.       is some formal program for architectural and engineering consultants titled “Best Practices” that the entire firm is suppose to adhere to?

2.       Is there a formal program just for structural engineers that outlines “best practices”?


I would appreciate any resources and discussion you all may be able to give me on this topic.