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Re: AISC Specification

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On Sep 21, 2009, at 8:54 AM, Scott Maxwell wrote:

"Structural Design Drawings and Specifications

The design drawings and specifications shall meet the requirements of the 'Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges', except for
deviations specifically identified in the design drawings and/or

That's another thing to remember--all but the most basic provisions of every design specification I've ever used have exceptions like the foregoing. The ASME Pressure Vessel Code is also full of them. Very little is absolutely prescriptive, so you're still faced with the decision as to the 'best practice' for a great many situations. In that regard, the AISC Code doesn't work like a law. I've seen more than a few instances where someone looking for a way out of a jam will cite some exception or another as an escape mechanism--a favorite for me is someone who wants to ignore basic engineering principles for a low pressure tank 'because the Code says it isn't a pressure vessel.' citing the scope of Section as as generally meant for pressures above 15 psi. 'Best practices' begin with the first principle of engineering: Never try to con Mother Nature by splitting hairs.

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