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FW: SIPs panels in shear

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It varies by manufacturer, depending how the ECC Eval was set up.  R-Control (ESR-2233), for example, has a note in their report with the 1:1 limitation you suggest, but Enercept (ESR-1780) uses 2:1.  Notwithstanding, R-Control has engineers on staff and seems to understand all this stuff better than Enercept.  Don’t forget, though, that anytime you have a problem and need reliable strength, you can ask the manufacturer to put studs in and nail to your shearwall spec, and everyone I’ve worked with will do it with no complaints.



Gordon Goodell



Richard Calvert wrote on Thursday, October 01, 2009 2:48 PM:
I have a new project with SIPs panels involved, however, this one has some potential issues with wind loading along the front of the structure.  My current information regarding this claims that the allowable shear values are for aspect ratios of 1:1 or better, and gives no further information.  However, I found an IRC/IBC report on SIPS.ORG from NTA (?) stating that the allowable was 2:! – which makes more sense – but provides no values for this case…


Considering that these panels are covered on both sides with 7/16” OSB it makes sense to me that these panels would fall under some “similar” method in the IRC, or maybe have capacities similar to 2x unblocked roof diaphragms – but I am not finding anything which validates this.  Any leads would be greatly appreciated here.>>