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Re: 5 psf lateral partition live load - was RE: 16 gage wire strength

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NBCC is not as ambiguous as Gary's response suggests.

The mandatory, universal, non-specific 10 psf partition wall load has been

NBCC does require a 0.5 kPa (10 +/- psf) Live Load on walls under specific
circumstances (e.g. guard walls, firewalls).

Additionally, as Gary describes, walls should be capable of resisting the
air pressure loads itemized and there are means to determine those loads.

There area some vague words but in writing the code we avoid being too
explicit since we cannot consider every potential condition for some issues
(not news to you , I'm sure). IF the engineer did not reasonably consider
the potential conditions, that would be unacceptable in professional
practice but not necessarily unsafe.

Regardless of the pressures assigned, I have some difficulty with the idea
of supporting a partition using horizontal 12 ga wire in place of something
more substantial, like fastening to the u/s of a drop/Tbar ceiling (tongue
in cheek).


> From: Harold Sprague <spraguehope(--nospam--at)>

> I am not well acquainted with the NBCC.  We were forced to purge "due consi=
> deration" from ASCE 7 some years ago.  Some thought that it might be ambigu=
> ous=3B>) =20

> It is still ambiguous=2C but not as ambiguous as NBCC.  This provision esta=
> blishes the minimum horizontal "live load" on interior partitions in the IB=
> C.  The IBC has never explicitly defined the nature of this load=2C but it =
> is in the "Live Load" section as opposed to wind or seismic.  One would ded=
> uce that this is a service live load and should have the appropriate 1.6 fa=
> ctor for limit state design.  This would be an additive load to the E or W =
> load which has weird implications depending on if you are in limit state or=
> allowable stress. =20
> =20
> My understanding is that the ASCE is looking into this and scratching their=
> heads.  It has been there a long time.  Some designers are aware and some =
> are not. =20
> Regards=2C Harold Sprague

> From: "Gary L. Hodgson and Assoc." <design(--nospam--at)>

> Harold,
> In response to your question, our NBCC requires that "due consideration" be
> given to wind pressures acting on interior partitions and walls due to
> differential pressures (windward and leeward sides), stack effect due to
> temperature, and pressurization due to mechanical equipment.  I hope I
> understood your question correctly.
> Gary

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