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Re: Structural Engineering Online Encyclopedia

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I would like the site to include all points of view on any topic. Even though much of the scientific content, such as engineering mechanics, is universal there still is opportunity to provide information on nuances between countries. For example, in a bending moment entry someone may want to point out that in England/Europe the bending moment diagram is drawn to match the deflection of the beam (positive moment on the bottom) and the US draws it opposite (positive moment on top). But if most of the content is provided by people from the US it will be US-centric.

- Jeremy

By the way, I bookmarked your blog.

Quoting Alexander Bausk <bauskas(--nospam--at)>:

Surely a great idea. To add my two cents, do you intend to restrict its
scope to be US-specific or would you like to braden the domain to include
some international insight?
To clarify my thought, for example the Wikipedia has some entries that
reflect their subject internationally (for example see this entry about
engineers,, but is said to be
sometimes US-centric, too.

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