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Re: Main Wind Force vs C&C Wind Force

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Well, the 2005 NDS states that wall stud design should be checked the following way: (page 441 of the solved examples book)

    1) MWFRS + Axial combined.
    2) C&C - for bending only.

the 2007 AISI North American Standard for Cold-Formed Steel Framing - Wall Stud Design states the same thing (Section A3.1)

However I've called NCMA regarding this and masonry wall design, and they feel that C&C should be evaluated with combined axial loading.

It looks as though you have to rely on the particular material design codes.  If the NDS and AISI say that, I'd follow it... if the material design code does not say anything about it, I think you have to do C&C + axial. 

I just wish they'd all get on the same page.

hope this helps.


Jason Christensen wrote:

A senior associate and myself are having a debate. 


So please correct me if I am wrong: 


Desinging a wall element for out of plane force (be it masonry, wood, etc.)


When checking the element for forces that are combine, (i.e. axial + wind) one should use the MWFRS forces.  However that same element must then be checked for the C&C load, but that C&C load is not required to be in combination with any other loads.


If this is incorrect please let me know, also if anyone has a reference that would show an example of this I would be greatful.







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