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RE: Florida Houses, was re: "antiquated" floor systems

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Nearly all homes in FL, north of Miami, have at least wood roof trusses, and if there is a second floor it is typically framed with wood (walls and floor system) while the first story is block, while single stories are all block. 

My company has the engineering market share on homes (to my knowledge) in central and northern Florida - something in the 12-15k units per year range (a forty unit condo is, well, 40 units, while a single family lot is 1) and a vast majority have been built as I described.  I will say that most all-wood homes are generally in north FL, but builders have slowly (very slowly I might add) began realizing that wood just doesn’t have the marketability as CMU here in FL - for the problems you mention. 


What bothers me is when I’m driving along and see 3 story condos being build of wood here…


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                I can’t believe houses in Florida use wood at all, and for termites, not just hurricanes. If I were building there, it would be like the home some friends of mine had when they lived there: slab-on-grade with block walls and a concrete slab roof. I’d work on making that pretty after I made it so it would survive your elements. I have a hard enough time maintaining a frame house (>100 years) here in temperate Virginia, well away from the coast.

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