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Re: California SE exam

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I recommend the 3 volume 2006 IBC Structural/Seismic Design Manuals
published by SEAOC.  Though the design reference is also the IBC, not
the actual CBC, the design examples are very close to the flavor of the
day 2 test.  Maybe the same people wrote both but that is just a guess
on my part.  Make sure you have a current CBC with all errata and
amendments and double check the code references to the IBC with the
corresponding CBC section as you study.  When I took it the CBC was not
IBC, rather UBC based but the word from recent test takers in my office
is that this is still the best resource for studying for and reference
during the exam.

Good luck... BTW the day 2 test is much harder IMO than day 1 so be
ready.  Taking them separately is probably a good strategy; the back to
back 8 hour brain crushes isn't the greatest way to kick off a weekend.

Donny Harris, SE
Los Angeles, CA

I am preparing for California SE exam (Seismic portion only).  I passed
the National portion in April which was based on IBC 06.

I have Seismic and Wind Forces Structural Design Examples 3rd edition by
Alan Williams,updated to IBC 2006.

Is there any similar guide/reference available with CBC 07 reference?



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