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Re: Wood frame dancing floor

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Yes, 100psf is the correct design.  In the case of a wood floor, you'll find that the forces are likely a wash - most impacts from human activity do not exceed 2x the static load, which is (coincidentally) the impact duration factor for wood. Swingsets, by the way, are in the same class - though I've only ever been asked to check one of them. The force at the bottom of a swing is twice the static load of the occupant, if memory serves.

ken ng wrote:
I have a project and it's required to upgrade the existing wood floor framing with the live load capacity of 40 psf.  The wood floor will be used as a night club dance floor.  I was planning to use 100 psf live load.  I was wondering if I should include the live load impact to the floor to handle large groups of dancers.  I don't know what type music the night club will play.  Since the site is located within a university school zone.   What type of music are young adults dancing to now a day?  Saturday Night Fever? 

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