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Re: seaint Digest for 14 Oct 2009

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You're probably thinking of Dr. Tom Murray, also at Tech, who had done a lot of research in floor vibrations (and has a commercial program for floor evaluation, or did several years ago). Dr. Woeste is a wood guy - and a very good one, at that - but not into steel vibrations. Both are officially retired, I believe, though old engineers never really retire - they just consult at a higher rate. :-)
Ted wrote:
Have you seen this story out of Va. Tech,  Ken? It refers to a floor issue brought to light by Mary Kay cosmetics sales people doing the bunny hop in Charlotte. The load was not just live, but in phase, to the extent those folks have rhythm ... Va Tech has done some deep study of floor vibration — Frank Woeste, prof. emeritus, was the pivot man on that work, if I understand correctly, but he may be semi-retired these days. I gather it can get complicated.

[the article]

-- Ted Cushman

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Subject: Wood frame dancing floor
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I have a project and it's required to upgrade the existing wood floor framing with the live load capacity of 40 psf.  The wood floor will be used as a night club dance floor.  I was planning to use 100 psf live load.  I was wondering if I should include the live load impact to the floor to handle large groups of dancers.  I don't know what type music the night club will play.  Since the site is located within a university school zone.   What type of music are young adults dancing to now a day?  Saturday Night Fever? <--
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