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re: floor LL for a club

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Although I am well past my clubbing days, if there ever were any, I did just go to a few clubs at Islands of Adventure City Walk in Orlando for my girlfriend's birthday. (We decided we are too old for going to clubs after that.) I assure you, nobody is doing disco moves, if that is your frame of reference you would not want to know what they are up to now.

Anyway, I think I may add a little to that load. You never know what they are going to do at that club. I can see a special event, live show, etc. where people are really packed in there and could exceed 100psf. Although, with duration factors and what not, you are probably ok. I may personally go 125psf or so, that is just a judgment/gut call though. Also, most importantly I think with a wood framed structure supporting live load, is deflection or "flex". Just like when I design a deck or similar structure I assure the deflection is very tight to avoid "occupant discomfort". Others already spoke about vibration but I may be worried about that too. Since you are upgrading an existing structure, I would be most concerned about connections.

I was watching a special on Discovery or something about soccer stadium construction. After a major collapse in the early 1900s in England, they built a mock-up of stands and with engineers watching and taking notes they recruited a few hundred fans to march in footstep, stand up and sit down on cue, jump up and down, get up stand up come on throw your hands up.... Reminds me of before the 4th quarter of Wisconsin Badger football games they play a song where all the fans jump up and down in unison. They said on ESPN once that the engineering department did a study to make sure everything was "structurally sound" and could handle the vibrations and impact loads. I understand they have a good engineering dept so I would rest easy cheeseheads. Being a Florida State alumnus at the moment there is no fear of anyone jumping up and down in unison at our stadium, and I don't think groans of disappointment can affect a structure.

Everyone have a good weekend,
Andrew Kester, PE

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