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re: stadium loads

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Pretty cool stuff, you guys definitely have something to jump up and down about. At least one ACC team is holding it down. I am not sure I am a full believer of Miami yet. My deep and utter hatred of UM has something to do with that.


I have said this before to people, it is so funny what they will play at stadiums on the PA or by the marching bands now. Metallica was vilified when they first came out much like AC/DC and Black Sabbath, by ultra conservatives looking at someone to blame for their children being so “bad”. Sure the bands play the part of being a bit on the dark or evil side, but it is such an act. Look at Ozzy now with his family reality show… Just funny how 10-15 years will cause a generational shift. You now here marching bands playing Crazy Train!


I heard an interview last night with Brian Johnson of AC/DC and he said half the time he was just trying to find words that rhymed, flowed, and sounded cool. That last thing he was thinking about is if you play the record backwards you can hear the devil…





Stadium action can get crazy, and the density can be pretty high.

Virginia Tech's football intro involves most of the student jumping (somewhat in rhythm, as limited by BAC) to "Enter Sandman," by Metallica. This video from 0:40 to 0:45 shows the metal endzone stands. I sit in the old farts section, on concrete, and can still feel the vibration of the system during the intro.