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I am reproducing below a posting of mine on some other lists/forums (cultural and community related) where I am an active member these days.  I thought this should be shared with all of you too.
Sincere and grateful thanks to Sri K Raman for sharing an extremely useful link with us.
This is one link that is going to be extremely useful to Oldies like us.
The youngsters may not bother too much with this.

I feel compelled to dwell on this a little more in detail than Sri Raman has done in his short and crisp mail.
I also am unable to control my urge to share it with friends in several other fourms where I am a member.
On an avergage web page,  I too, like Sri Raman, have been distracted too often with the garland of ads, thumbnails, options, links, etc around the main content which is what I am focusing on while reading. This main readable content sometime occupies less than half of the screen real estate.
This simple tool shared by Sri Raman, without having to install any software, has enabled me to discard all the extraneous stuff around the main content and enlarge the text to fill the entire space available and make it far easier to read.
For those who missed the link, or who ignored it, not realising its value, here it is once again.
When you copy this link into your browser window and hit Enter, the Readability page opens up.
From among the options I found the following to yeild the best results (for me at least) after some trial and error.

I chose :
Style: Terminal
Size: Medium
Margin : Narrow
Afterwards simply right click on "Readability" and Choose "Add to Favorites"
This will permanently add Readability to your list of favorite web sites.
This procedure is necessary only once.
Next time you see a web page, with a lot of clutter around it, and want to focus on the main article in simple plain text with less scrolling and less eyestrain, even as the web page of interest is open,  Choose "Readability" from the list of favorites.
The screen is quickly transformed and you can read far more easily as the text content fills up the page and the text is greatly enlarged. The ads, links, thumbnails extra simply vanish.
There is an option to revert to the original layout with just a click.
While Sri Raman has been kind to share this with us, many may not have realized the true value of this simple tool so I thought I should pitch in and share my experience of using this handy and nifty tool.
I exhort all oldies like me to try it out.
Since I am only 60, my option of "Medium" was a nice compromise between readable text size and the need to scroll down more frequently. For everyone's info, I have a special pair of spectacles designed for working on computers. The lens is powered to give the best focus for my eyes for a two feet distance. I now sit back in my chair and relax while I read. I don't have to sit hunched over.
When I cross 70 I will choose "large". If I live to cross 80 I may like to choose Extra Large. The letters appear like mini headlines and you can read them from yards away!
How I wish there was a similar tool "Viewability" for watching TV programs! One that cuts out all the ads and presents only the program.
For good measure, how about another tool called "Listenability" that enables me to listen to good stuff on FM Radio, with all the stupid ads and the immature and idle talk of disc jockeys cut out!
And Yes I know what some my friends on these lists are thinking.
Howabout a tool that cuts down on the length of my mails and eliminates verbosity and presents the gist in just a few lines.
But I am too greedy! Let me content myself for now with this tool that Sri K Raman has shared with all of us.
Thanks once again to Sri Raman, and I will look upon this as a nice Deepwali gift from a fellow member.
Regards to all
G Vishwanath