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RE: HP 49G Calculator Question

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My college calculator was a 41-CX, which I had written programs for.  A few years ago, must to my dismay and a few weeks of the blues, my calculators “zero” key no longer worked.  So, I purchased a 49g+.  The 49g+ is way more powerful than the 41-cx every thought about being, including functions on nearly every application pack one could buy in the mid-1980s.  Unless you have a lot of free time, I’d suggest a simpler HP.  The 49G+ has too many functions for the kind of calculations I do on a day to day basis.  I use Excel, VBA, MathCAD and Fortran for any serious programming/calculations, and I’ll leave the pocket calculator for doing easy calculations…


I can tell you this, the 49G+ is not similar enough to the 41-CX to be immediately proficient…  I suppose several upgrades of calculators over the years would have probably gotten me proficient, but a jump of 20 years of calculator technology left me lost…


Today, I still use my 41-CX, and make double sure that any time I hit a zero, the calculator records the key punch…





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I do not know the answer to your question. But, I have few questions about the 49G:


I have been using the 41C for the past 25 years. I have a few programs on this calculator. Is the 49G better, more powerful, or easier to use? Could I transfer the programs from 41C to 49G?

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I am following the user’s guide to store a number and I get Error: Too Few Arguments.


What should I do to store a number?


Sid Lakhani