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Re: Footing Design

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At 04:34 PM 22/10/2009, you wrote:
I have one doubt regarding the design of combined footing.

suppose we are designing a combined footing with two columns

_____|_|_______|_|_______ ( Diagram)

now the bending moment diagram will have 3 maximum moments , one positive and two negative

-ve Max- --+vemax---- -vemax


when we are designing the footing slab why do we consider only the negative moment( on the cantilever portion at the edges) and find the depth and steel considering that moment, even if the positive moment is more than the negative moments on the cantilever portion.

We should consider both positive and negative moments in design if both exist. We don't only design for the negative moments unless that is all there is!

and how do we account for the transverse bending of the footing slab.

in a footing when it is isolated and combined, in which direction do we considered the bending of the footing for designing it? in longitudinal direction ( the direction of the line joining the centres of the columns) or in transverse direction ? for finding the depth.

You need to check both directions if it is flexural in both directions!

Mandeep Singh. GET

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