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Class A Loading Highway Bridges

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Hi list,


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I am doing a study on truck loads for Pakistan and am trying to locate the origin of a “class A loading” for a highway bridge. This class A was introduced in Pakistan’s code of practice in 1967 and has remained there till date. Does anybody know where this load originates from? I searched the AASHTO history of loads and it is not there at least. Was it there in BS? The same load is also there in the latest revision of Indian Road congress IRC6 (rev. 2000) followed in India.

Class A is a truck-train loading with a four axle truck with two two-axle trailers. The truck-train weighs 122 kips (543 kN) in total and is 62 ft (18.9m) long. If you want to see a sketch of the truck-train, send me an email directly.


Best regards,

Shiraz Shahid.