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Site Visits & OSHA Training

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My post on TOWERS provide some very helpful insight.  I appreciate all of the responses.


Harold’s response got me doing research on OSHA and wondering, aside from my specific question about Towers, what OSHA training should I have just to visit jobsites for field observation visits.  Harold said they don’t send anyone out in the field without the 10 hours class.  I’ve been looking at the OSHA website and can’t find anything specific that addresses our profession.  My memory of a discussion of this years ago is engineers making site visits would not have to have OSHA training.  Is that a valid assumption today, or am I open to a citation should I happen to visit the jobsite on a wrong day?  I know when I visit mines I have to take a short MSHA course before they let me on the property.  Sometimes contractors make me take a short safety course on certain jobs before I can walk the site.


I would appreciate any references to specific OSHA requirements.