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RE: Flood Loads

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* By raising the building 18" needs changed FFL and roof level. As recommended by Doug that will be easier route since you will be complying with the local code. * By designing the building to resist for flood requires designing the perimeter walls for hydrostatic pressure which is concenterated more at the bottom of the "triangular pyramid" (hydrostatic profile on the wall) exerting extra moment at the base of the shear walls. You'll have to design the footing for excess tensile loads. If flood exceeds 100 yr max. during service life than you are looking into re-eval of the footing and connections at the base....Further the building has to be analyzed completly for potential flood effects.

Naeem Ghani, P.E.


On Oct 27 2009, David L. Fisher wrote:


If possible, raise the building.

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Subject: Flood Loads

Have a project where the arch forgot to get a flood hazard report and found
out that we were, indeed, in a flood plain.  This is all after the project
has been designed and submitted for DSA review, of course.  It is a two
story wood-framed classroom building.  The flood level is 12" above our
current finished floor so the arch is trying to figure out if it would be
easier to lift the building 18" or design the structure to resist the flood
loads.  According to the CBC, ASCE 24 is the standard to use for designing
to flood requirements, but I do not own the book.  I was just wondering if
anyone has experience with flood loads and can possibly give me a feel for
what I am dealing with here.


Doug Mayer, SE

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