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RE: Malaysian bridge collapse

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>From the picture it appears that side sway did the bridge in. I guess the narrow suspension bridge was not designed for eccentric loading.
Francis Hsi
PE, P.Eng.

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Subject: Re: Malaysian bridge collapse
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 11:53:41 -0700

The picture gives an idea of what the bridge looked like.  The remnants of the tower may explain why the foundations were reported as “ripped out.”  

The article also mentions children jumping on the bridge before the failure.  This points to the paramount significance of the vibration issues, particularly, in pedestrian bridges.


V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA

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Subject: Malaysian bridge collapse

Via Bloomberg news, a bridge in Malaysia collapses, barely 2 weeks old...

Hopefully, more info will follow.  I'm curious to find out if the failure was inadequate foundation design or embedment, poor overall design, or just poor workmanship.

David Topete, SE

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