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RE: flood zone issue

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Thanks to all for the information regarding flood zone issues and concerns.  The architect is going to try the option of raising the structure, but might not be able to do it due to ramping requirements and proximity to adjacent buildings.  Either way, I'm in for a good education on ASCE 24.


Doug Mayer, SE

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You may need to consider the following with a flood zone (and more):
-Wave effects that would be superimposed on top of the high flood level
-Hyrdodynamic forces (such as a storm surge)
-Wind lateral + water forces
-Buoyancy forces + wind uplift
-debris in the water
-SCOUR around the piles: I had to consider approximately 10 feet of scour at a coastal house on piles in FL, this was dicated by the local building department. Make sure you have a good geotech on board that can run these calcs and give you a report.

BUT- another very important non-structural reason is what I have seen in FL and MS after hurricanes is the costliness of WATER damage, even a foot of water in a house can be a complete gut of the interior, very costly and forces the occupants out of the house for months or more. Also, I am not sure what the insurance issues would be, but I am sure your premium would go way up if you build within the flood zone. So this is just information to share with the architect and owner in trying to pursuade them to keep the house well above the flood zone. Something about an ounce of prevention...

Andrew Kester, PE

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