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bridge debris

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Falling tension bars curled up on the bridge deck??
Did hear that correctly?
Caltrans must have their engineers working on overdrive!
I wonder if the problem is not enough data?
The modeling input must have missed this this one.

If you were one of the guys, at a desk after touring the debris, with the task to fix it. What if more surveys, strain gages and detail inspections are needed to even begin the proper repair? Would you be the cog in the machine to say I can not design this fix with more data?
There will be others eager to do the fix as is.
Is your only option is to write a protest and retire from the job.

I do not know if this is the case but I thought it would be a good time to discuss such an idea, when emotions are high, to better understand the pressure an engineer can be under.

I have twice been faced with such decisions that radically changed the direction if my career, life and temporarily my own stress levels. With out knowing what would happen, my career only got better and more interesting, but I had the time to be damn sure I was right with peer support.

But, what if there is no time?

David Merrick, SE

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