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Re: Back to ACI Appendix 'D' Bolt Head Question

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If you are using anchor rods with hex nuts on the bottom, heavy hex nuts should be readily available.  These typically conform to ASTM A 563 or ASTM A 194.  USP Structural Connectors uses ASTM A 563 Grade C Heavy Hex Nuts with its DUC Ductile Undercut anchors.  If you need a So Cal supplier, you can check with Bay Standard in Fontana.
Howard Silverman, PE
USP Structural Connectors/Covert Operations

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Subject: Back to ACI Appendix 'D' Bolt Head Question

When designing a holdown anchorbolt I.A.W. ACI appendix D, the bearing area of 
the headed bolt is used in the calculation. Our office is using a spreadsheet 
created by Daniel T. Li, which can be purchased online. In his spreadsheet, 
there is a list of 5 different types of headed bolts to choose from. 

I looked in the Notes on ACi 318-05, chapter 34, D.1 table 34-2 which displays 
the same table with head type and properties that is listed in the 
aforementioned spreadsheet. 

I also looked in the current Steel construction manual from AISC, specifications 
section 16.2-10 and there is a table listing properties for heavy hex bolts and 

I have called many construction suppliers here in Southern California and many 
have never heard of heavy hex head, or any of the other bolt head types that are 
specified in table 34-2. I have also had contractors call me and tell me that 
they can't find them. 

Does anyone have any additional information  that might be helpfull, as to the 
availability of these headed bolt types?

 I realize I can specify any head type that works but this spreadsheet is locked 
to the listed types I have mentioned and it is what the owner wants to use. 

Thanks for any info you can provide. 

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