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re: wind and drift - StructuralPedia

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I've summarized some of this discussion on StructuralPedia at:

Feel free to add more to it, specifically in the seismic drift portion.  I quoted 2 recent SEAINT entries rather than recreate them, but didn't sign the authors names. Feel free to tag the quote with your name if they are yours.

- Jeremy

Quoting akester(--nospam--at)

> Well put as always Harold. And specifically on the subject of 
> masonry and PEMB I believe ACI 530 has some guidelines or reccs on 
> drift for CMU, I don't have it handy to check. But when you are the 
> "EOR" on a PEMB project, designing the foundations, slab, and CMU 
> cladding, pay careful attention during the preliminary design phase 
> to let the owner/architect/GC all know that you have specific drift 
> limits for the frames because of your CMU cladding, which may in 
> turn effect overall cost of the PEMB significantly. The PEMB "sales 
> guy" may sell a very cheap, basic PEMB package with metal siding 
> that as Harold said can tolerate some high drift limits. Your CMU 
> most likely cannot. If you have partial height CMU that will be 
> supported by one of the PEMB wind girts, make sure you put 
> connection details and a deflection limit for that member clearly on 
> your drawings and insist the PEMB see these drawings prior to their 
> design.
> HTH and wasn't too of the subject,
> Andrew Kester, PE
> Florida
> Harold wrote:
> A single story pre engineered metal building with metal siding can accommod=
> ate a lot of lateral drift.  Some pre engineered metal buildings are routin=
> ely designed for h/20.  If it is clad in masonry=2C the limits will be sign=
> ificantly less (in the range of h/200 to h/400)unless you detail the claddi=
> ng to accommodate the lateral drift. =20
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