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Re: Contracting through Architect

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Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me!  Why would a licensed (& insured?) engineer *ever* contract through an unlicensed (and uninsured?) architectural designer (never to be called an Architect!, at least in Calif.)???  I've lost jobs for refusing to go along with that.

Some Architects have a semi-God mentality, sort of like some doctors.  Not only are you at their mercy professionally (design-wise), but also fee-wise.  Talk about being caught by the short hairs!


PS  I've worked with some very good Architects, and even architectural designers, but never contractually through them (at least not in the most recent quarter century). 

PPS  I agree with David Fisher

In a message dated 11/5/09 9:31:04 AM, mblangy(--nospam--at) writes:
What are the pros and cons of contracting through an unlicensed architect
and not the project owner on private projects?

Thanks in advance,

Michel Blangy