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RE: Analysis of Loads on Solar Panels

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Thanks Richard (Calvert),

I'm sure our new recruit will get up to speed soon. Its just been the wrong
time at the moment. He is under pressure to get his final year project
finished: testing some SIP's to ASTM E72 etc..., and little spare time to
refresh his memory. Whilst I was under pressure to get some jobs out at the
time he started, and wasn't otherwise expecting to be the one providing

Also given that my formal education is mechanical engineering, I was
expecting someone with civil engineering background to have a lot greater
understanding of the task at hand. Since he has studied the structural
codes, I expect he will get up to speed quickly, once we have filled in the
gaps and refreshed his memory.

Most people seem to think I have unlimited patience and good at teaching. If
that holds true, then I don't see much problem.

My earlier comment was mostly my frustration at my inability thus far to
find the right starting point, and over expectations of where he should be,
whilst falling behind with what I was meant to be doing. That out off the
way, I now have more time to spend on providing more appropriate guidance
and supervision. Plus I now know what he can and cannot do, so that makes
the next step easier. We are both on a learning curve.

Thanks for the insight regarding civil engineering graduates.

Conrad Harrison
B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust
South Australia


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