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RE: Federal judge rules Corps of Engineers liable for flood damage

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     Boy this really chaps my ass.  Lets all blame the federal government for everything, then WE THE PEOPLE are not responsible for anything.  The Corp of Engineers are the same as any government agency.  They had requested funding to work on the levees but the tax payers did not want to pony up the money.  WE THE PEOPLE do not want to pay more taxes but we want the government to take care of us in all things.  I am completely amazed that anyone with an engineering degree would blame the government for planes hitting a building or hurricanes destroying very old levees.  I am not for giving the government more money.  I am for WE THE PEOPLE being smart enough to not live below sea level.

     OK now all the liberal, socialists can take a wack at me, but WE THE PEOPLE should take care of ourselves without looking to government to wipe or asses.

PS: Do something besides bitching about what someone else is doing.

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Dear Sandy: Thanks for all your efforts and my heartfelt congratulations 
for all your efforts and the efforts of Levees.Org, the grass roots 
organization that you founded and nourished so tirelessly to achieve 
such a monumental victory against such a powerful organization  such as 
Corp. We also need to congratulate my colleagues Professors Ray Seed and 
Professor Bob Bea, who also tirelessly helped your organization as well 
as spoke out on these wrong doings of Corp.
I am sending a copy of this to our structural engineering forum called 
Seaint (Structural Engineering Association Int. ) where we currently 
having a very constructive debate among ourselves on how a small number 
of engineers in our profession which I have put at only 0.01% who act in 
a criminally negligent manner or are outright corrupt or both, neglect 
their prime responsibility to be to provide for public safety and focus 
either on preserving their jobs or simply pocketing illegitimate income 
or both. 

This is a great victory also for you to show how ASCE (the American 
Society of Civil Engineers)  in a morally corrupt manner entered the 
picture right after Katrina and instead of investigating failure of 
levees on behalf of its members in an objective manner, exonerated the 
Corp of Engineers from any wrong doing. The same thing that ASCE did 
after the collapse of World Trade Center, when it took FEMA (Taxpayer's 
) money and put the top officer of the firm (Skilling Ward Magnusson 
Barkshire , now Magnusson Klemencic Associates), Jon Magnusson, and the 
wife of Structural Engineer , Leslie E. Robertson , who was the 
structural engineer of the record on the Building Performance Assessment 
Team to investigate why WTC towers collapsed. Of course to no surprise, 
the ASCE/FEMA  report 
falsely stated that there was no structural problem with the design of 
the WTC where there were countless violation of design code  and 
practice of structural engineering including the use of "steel bearing 
walls" as the structural system and the use of steel truss joists in 
floors of a very tall skyscraper. 

As Sally Regenhardt ,our mutual friend and  the founder of Skyscraper 
Safety Campaign ( which campaigns for safe 
skyscrapers since the collapse of WTC towers, has in all of her e-mails:

*/"Let us not grow tired in doing good.
For at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." 
Galatians 6:9/*/
/I hope one day ASCE and the structural engineers who designed WTC as 
well as ASCE and its officers who initiated a cover-up to exonerate The 
structural engineering firm as well as the structural engineer of the 
record from any wrong doing or even a minor negligence will be brought 
before a judge as well.

Sally, if you come to Berkeley, you should give a talk here at our Law 
School. You are the true American bringing out one of the things that 
makes this country so great: "Justice for All"

With best wishes and please relay my very best congratulations to all in 


Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl, Ph.D., P.E., Professor
Levees.Org wrote:
> Levees.Org
>                                                            November 
> 19, 2009
> Dear Hassan
> Federal Judge Stanwood Duval ruled late Wednesday that the Army Corps 
> of Engineers' mismanagement of the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet was 
> directly responsible for flood damage of homes in St. Bernard Parish 
> and the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
> The New York Times wrote "It was the first time that the government 
> has been held liable for any of the flooding that inundated the New 
> Orleans area after Aug. 29, 2005, vindicating the long-held contention 
> of many in the region that the flooding was far more than an act of God."
> Plaintiff attorneys Joe Bruno and Pierce O'Donnell said they expect to 
> travel to Washington, D.C., as early as next week to try to convince 
> members of the administration of President Barack Obama and members of 
> Congress to consider revisiting requests for compensation by New 
> Orleans-area residents in both the areas covered by the decision and 
> in other areas flooded by corps-related failures of levees.
> The corps allowed the channel to attack the levees in three ways, 
> Duval said, allowing the levees to slump under their own weight, 
> failing to armor the channel's banks against ship wakes and allowing 
> saltwater to exacerbate the loss of wetlands throughout the area.
> Check in with's website for updates.
> Thank you for supporting
> We are winning.
> Sandy Rosenthal
> Founder,
> Click here for the NYTimes story.
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> You can see the judgement and opinion here.
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