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RE: Federal judge rules Corps of Engineers liable for flood damage

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Dear Richard: For your information, according to my colleague Professor Bea, who was heavily involved in this case, and was co-investigator of New Orleans levee failure with Professor Seed, the factor of safety that Corps has used in design of levees of New Orleans was 1.1 and they were designed for Hurricane 3 not 4 which is expected there.

This was done knowingly and resulted in loss of 1500 lives. Now, we the taxpayers will pay billions of dollars in compensation to the survivors of the victims of this gross negligence. If the Corps had done it right, we would have those 1500 people still alive.

As my colleague, Professor Karlene Roberts of Haas School of Business here at UC says: "Engineers think planet earth is uninhabited". Of course I do not believe all engineers do that but I totally agree with her that a percentage of engineers do and when they ignore their responsibility to public safety and protection of environment, innocent people get killed because of failure of their design.

Fortunately, our great democracy has mechanisms in place to prevent such criminal acts and that is the judiciary. In this case, once again, our judicial system, protected the society from criminally negligent engineers who try to keep their jobs or gain financially at the expense of public safety.

Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl, Ph.D., P.E., Professor
UC Berkeley

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Subject: RE: Federal judge rules Corps of Engineers liable for flood damage

They knew there was a problem. If you or I knew one of our structures could fail, we certainly couldn't use the excuse "well no one was willing to pay me to fix it" ...


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