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Re: Quick Help

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If the load is applied to the bottom flange only, the beam is unlikely to buckle sideways.  However as the building code (here in Canada) does not differentiate between points of load application, I would be obliged to brace the beam laterally, based on Limit States Design.  One brace in the centre will work if using 50ksi steel.  However, using A36 steel, I would need 2 brace points.  This last one was done rather quickly using old fashioned ASD, so don't hold me to it.

G Vishwanath wrote:
Thanks Mark and Harold for your quick response.
Yes,I inadvertently omitted to mention the span.
You both correctly guessed it as 25 feet from the BM value.
Threre is no horizontal brace to restrict the unsupported length of the compression flange.I  I later got the opportunity to do the calcs.
W8x18 is confirmed as being hopelessly inadequate.
However if the beam is somehow laterally held at mid third points , it will pass muster.
I checked this out later.
Without lateral support the smallest beam that I could suggest was W12x30.
This is in response to a quick query from the field. They have a W8x18 ready which they can support on walls and they need to lift 4000 pounds just once and they don't want to spend too much money.
I have noted Mark Johnson's point also alerting me to the need to prevent rotation at the ends of beam resting on the wall.
I am advising the field staff accordingly.
Thanks once again.

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