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Now that an Indian gentleman (Mittal) is the principal owner
of most of the steel mills in the world, including Arcelor, why
doesn't he invest a couple of dollars in India and increase the use
of steel in all types of structures ? China is getting ready to
make a big push into India to build with steel but, most of that
steel will be made in China. India should do something to beat
them to the punch.
I fully agree with you.
India's per capita steel consumption is rather low compared to USA and Europe.
Steel consumption has been an index of how industrialized a country is.
But in the past 15 years, there has been visible improvement.
I look forward to the day when steel becomes a material of choice in India too and not limited to Industrial structures.
Mittal is merely of Indian Origin. He is a Britisher.
He is planning to invest heavily in more steel plants and there is even talk of a big investment from him right here in the State of Karnataka, the capital of which is Bangalore, where I live.
I am looking forward to this project.
Thanks for your response.