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RE: TJL Joists

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Thank you.  I also tried to contact iLevel by tel and email ...


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Thor:  I have sent your question to the iLevel engineering department, who
should reply after the Thanksgiving weekend.

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From: Thor Tandy [mailto:vicpeng(--nospam--at)] 
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Subject: TJL Joists

I'm investigating cutting some existing TJL joists to form a services chase
up through a couple of floors and out the roof.  These joists are no longer
in production (5yrs+) and the TrusJoist/Weyhauser  rep I spoke with used to
be an "expert' in the production but can't remember all the details.  I have
a 90's manual but it doesn't give me the tech info I need.

1)      I need to find out what the web tube strengths are for those joists.
They used to be colour coded grn, red, blue.  Does anyone know what
strengths these represent?

2)      These are 18" for the floor and 14" for the roof.

3)      Does anyone know what the web tube angle is?  Dependent on the depth
of the truss?

4)      The existing span is 20' for all levels.

5)      I want to cut them by about 36" and re-support them with an LVL or
something and am considering:

a)      Top or bottom support at a panel point - no upgrade to truss if I
can get the above tech info ...?

b)      "Re-design" the truss and create a ply box beam detail at the new
reaction/shear/bearing.  But I still need to know what the web tube
strengths and angles are to determine the length of ply wood side panels .

Any thoughts welcome. 


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