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Re: Exterior Deck

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Why not just continue the steel beams and concrete deck for the exterior?



On Jan 9, 2010, at 4:52 PM, Rich Lewis wrote:

It appears the list server’s enrollment has dropped dramatically.  I was bumped off at the end of November and didn’t know it for several weeks.  I looked at the archives and saw it ended with my last few messages and assumed it was shut down.  I guess many others assumed the same thing.  Too bad, I appreciated the many points of view this list server gave.  I guess it will take some time to build it back up.
I have a project I’m designing for a camp that is a two story dining hall and meeting room building.  The lower level is used for the meeting rooms and the upper level will be the dining room.  The floor plan calls for a deck outside the dining room along two sides.  The deck is about 18 feet wide.  The architect would like the deck to be waterproof so that people can come out of the meeting rooms below but not get wet of it is raining.  This tends to eliminate the traditional wood deck framing because water will leak through the gaps in the decking. 
I looking for suggestions for a deck detail that can have an exterior exposure and provide a barrier for water penetration.  The main building floor framing will be steel beams/joists and concrete slab.
Thanks for your help.